Beer quality tracking using smell sensors

Continuously across all stages of the brewing process


Novel technological

Solution, which utilises a unique odor sensor technology, underpinned by research into how insects react to smells.

Deep learning algorithms, optimised to remove noisy parts of the signal.

Digital measure of how current batch compares to control samples.

Consistent response to defects, allowing increased overall panel accuracy

Flavour defect 

Tracking all steps of the brewing process to detect flavour defects at the stages they arise.

Defect prevention and process control.

Complementary digital 
dimension to sensory


Hardware sensors and machine learning algorithms

We have developed a device, which comes with the sensors and algorithms required to check if a beer smell profile is on spec.

It can be easily carried around the brewery and used in the testing lab and around the fermentation tanks.

How it works

Smell profile tracking 

during the full process

Beer production process takes weeks

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Adomas Malaiska

is a business executive with experience of advising large corporates and founding 2 tech companies.

Lucas Lopez

is an experienced machine learning engineer and a published researcher in the field of digital smell sensors.




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